Strenge Spine Center Launches Cutting-Edge Spine Care Solutions

PADUCAH, Ky., June 25, 2024 ( – Strenge Spine Center, a pioneering provider of advanced spine care, is proud to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art technologies and innovative treatment options, including the EOSedge system. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. K. Brandon Strenge, a renowned specialist in artificial disc replacement (ADR), the center is at the forefront of motion preservation techniques and cutting-edge implant technologies.

Dr. K. Brandon Strenge: A Pioneer in Spine Care

Dr. K. Brandon Strenge is a renowned orthopedic spine surgeon and a leading expert in artificial disc replacement (ADR) surgery. As the founder of the Strenge Spine Center in Paducah, Kentucky, he specializes in minimally invasive spinal procedures and motion-preserving techniques like cervical and lumbar ADR. Dr. Strenge is actively involved in clinical research trials for the newest artificial disc replacements and cutting-edge implants, serving as a principal investigator and collaborating with implant design teams to create the next generation of tools and surgical techniques. His extensive experience, specialized training, and commitment to innovation have earned him recognition as a top provider of ADR surgery in the Midwest region, including his recent induction into the prestigious ADR Spine Top Doctors in Arthroplasty Program. Through his dedication to delivering exceptional care and improving patient outcomes, Dr. Strenge has established himself as an expert in this specialized field, dedicated to restoring mobility and quality of life for his patients.

EOSedge: The Next Generation of Spine Imaging

Strenge Spine Center has recently acquired the cutting-edge EOSedge system, offering advanced imaging solutions for patients. This innovative technology provides low radiation exposure and high-quality imaging capabilities.

Benefits of the EOSedge System:

  • Low Radiation Dose: The EOSedge uses special low-dose protocols that greatly reduce the amount of radiation you’re exposed to during imaging. With the Flex Dose protocol, radiation is lowered by 80% compared to traditional X-ray exams.
  • Crystal Clear Imaging: This system captures extremely high-resolution, calibrated X-ray images of your spine without any distortion or need for stitching multiple images together. This ensures we can precisely measure, assess, and monitor any spinal deformities or abnormalities with outstanding accuracy.
  • Managing Scoliosis: The EOSedge takes full-length pictures of your entire body while you stand in a natural, weight-bearing position. This gives us a comprehensive view of your spinal alignment and posture, which is critical for properly evaluating and managing scoliosis.

With the EOSedge’s low radiation exposure and incredibly detailed imaging capabilities, we can closely monitor your spinal condition and make well-informed treatment decisions to optimize your care.

The newly launched Strenge Spine Center is dedicated to providing exceptional care and innovative solutions for patients suffering from spinal conditions. With the acquisition of the advanced EOSedge imaging system and Dr. Strenge’s expertise in minimally invasive procedures and motion-preserving techniques, the center offers a comprehensive range of treatment options tailored to each patient’s unique needs. To learn more about the services offered at Strenge Spine Center, consult Dr. Strenge or explore, visit

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IDEAL Symposium in Dallas

On May 17-18, Dr. Strenge participated in the IDEAL Symposium in Dallas, TX. Dr. Strenge discussed the Barricaid procedure to prevent re-herniation and re-operation after a disc herniation procedure.

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