Expanding Innovations, Inc. Announces FDA Approval of X-Pac Expandable Lateral Cage System

Expanding Innovations, Inc. (EI), a spinal implant company that designs NON-SCREW based expandable cage technology, announced today that the company has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for the X-PAC Expandable Lateral Cage System (X-PAC LLIF). This approval marks a significant addition to the company's expandable product portfolio which also includes the company's flagship X-PAC Expandable Posterior Cage System (X-PAC TLIF).

Dr. K. Brandon Strenge, Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky, said, "The X-PAC Expandable Lateral Cage System is the first implant I have seen that addresses the core principals of lateral lumbar interbody fusion. The maximized posterior expansion facilitates indirect decompression, the open architecture ensures a bridging bone fusion, and the multiple lordotic options allow proper implant selection for restoration of sagittal balance. These benefits, coupled with the ability to insert the cage at a nominal height, then dial it up via controlled expansion, make X-PAC Lateral an exciting and beneficial technology to offer my patients moving forward."

Expanding Innovations, Inc. (EI) will feature the new X-PAC Expandable Lateral and X-PAC Expandable Posterior Cage Systems at these upcoming 2023 events:

AAOS Annual Meeting- March 7-11th, visit booth #4259
Spine Summit Annual Meeting- March 16-18th, visit booth #229

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