Expanding Innovations, Inc. Announces Commercial Launch of X-Pac Expandable Lateral Cage System

Expanding Innovations, Inc. (EI), an emerging technology leader in the expandable interbody cage sector of the Spine Industry, has announced the full commercial launch of the X-PAC Expandable Lateral Cage System (X-PAC LLIF).

Some of the first procedures utilizing the cage were performed by Dr. Brandon K. Strenge at the Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky. Dr. Strenge commented, "The X-PAC Expandable Lateral cage design incorporates the fundamental lateral interbody fusion principles of indirect decompression and bridging bone fusion. X-PAC's maximized posterior expansion aids in foraminal height restoration, facilitating indirect decompression. Additionally, the large open architecture and streamlined post packing instrumentation create an ideal endplate-to-endplate fusion column."

The launch of X-PAC LLIF represents the first in a series of planned commercial releases aimed at expanding the EI portfolio of NON-SCREW based Expandable Cage Technology. The company is actively developing solutions for ALIF, ATP, and Endoscopic procedures, as well as incorporating integrated fixation and hyperlordotic options within the LLIF portfolio.

"We are pleased with the positive feedback and adoption rate observed during our initial market release, as it is consistent with the success of our flagship product, the X-PAC Expandable Posterior Cage System (X-PAC TLIF). We look forward to entering full commercial launch and growth it represents for our company," said Robert Jaramillo, CEO of Expanding Innovations.

Expanding Innovations, Inc. (EI) developed a revolutionary, NON-SCREW based expandable technology that surgeons and patients can count on. The X-PAC Expandable Cage design replaces the traditional inner cage lifting screw, with a powerful, continuous expansion mechanism, supported by unidirectional locking teeth, for controlled expansion. The EI portfolio includes the X-PAC Expandable Posterior & Lateral Cage Systems, as well as active development of X-PAC ALIF, ATP & ENDO platforms. For more information about Expanding Innovations please visit www.expandinginnovations.com.

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